Prometheus IP Team

Our people are our greatest asset and biggest differentiator. They are passionate about results, and also believe in having a lot of fun along the way. Our management team comprises of people, who are bound by their interest in patent system and contribute to each others understanding of the subject. Here are the people behind Prometheus IP:

Venkat Ragatee CEO & Founder

Prashanth Pantangi Director

Naresh Kumar Director - IP

Madhusudan Putta Trademark Attorney

Vinny Partner, Head of Business & Delivery

Mr. Wolfgang Sandmann Of Counsel

Dr.Venkat Reddy.D IPR Attorney

Mr. Steven A. Nielsen In Association with

Krishna Grandhi Of counsel, Attorney-at-Law

Dr.Usha Rani Life Sciences Technology Specialist & Patent Agent

Mobile: +91 9398148485 Email:

S.L.Soujanya Head-US Operations, Patent Agent

Naga Syam Manager & Patent Agent

Ganesh IP Manager & Patent Agent

Avanthi HR & IP Group Administrator, Patent Agent

Ram Gopal Polavarapu Senior Software Engineer

Dr.Poornima Senior Strategic Planner - IP Project Management, Patent Agent

Vasundhra Ganguly Patent Analyst

Shravanthi Kumar Legal Associate

Sahithya Siri Legal Associate

Ganesh Challa IP Paralegal / Docketing Specialist

Pavan QC Manager

Ravi Teja Project Manager

Kalyan Kumar Client Relationship Manager

Naga Raj Patent Analyst

Satyapavan Kumar Patent Analyst & Patent Agent

Bhanu Patent Analyst

Phanindra Patent Analyst

Satish Trademark Administrator

Vijay Patent Draftsman, Patent Agent

Varun Patent Draftsman

Sivaram Patent Draftsman

Kumar Patent Draftsman

Sai Kiran Patent Draftsman

Satyanarayana Patent Draftsman

Nagendra Patent Draftsman

Naresh Patent Draftsman

Manoj Patent Draftsman

Pitch Reddy Patent Draftsman

Suresh Patent Draftsman

Sudheer Babu Patent Draftsman

Bhavani Shankar Patent Draftsman

Phani Patent Draftsman

Mahesh Patent Draftsman

Naresh Patent Draftsman

Rakesh Patent Draftsman

Nagendra Patent Draftsman

CH.Kishore Patent Draftsman

Anil Patent Draftsman