Business Consulting

Business consulting services represent expertise drawn from diverse fields like marketing, finance and operations background. We represent a team that has been in the area of strategic consulting services that spans from business & marketing planning to training, research and consulting.

Our consulting engagements are as a result of our concerted efforts that draw deep insights from our experience backed by research in respective fields of our clientele. Our business consulting services portfolio includes:

Our Business Planning Services include activities related to understanding the business idea and transforming it into a potential business proposal, drawing a comprehensive marketing strategy, financial and human resources plans; product evaluation and analysis; developing the revenue generation model, and creating projected financial statements to determine earliest break-even point (BEP) and returns on investment (ROI).

These services enable our clients to approach respective investors with related documentation and if needed we back it up with a presentation engagement on behalf of the client.

Our Strategic Consulting Services include activities related to understanding the business needs for operational improvements and employee productivity in the areas like Working Capital Optimization, Marketing Strategy Development, Marketing Campaign Analytics, Designing Performance Management Systems to name a few.

Our strategic consulting services involve professional assessment of client capabilities, their strategic intent adopted so far, their cost behavior and productivity assessments. Our solutions are specifically aimed at addressing critical issues being faced as well as functional performance assessment.

These services enable our clients optimize their efforts and investments and improve their operational efficiencies across business functions

One of our core competencies include extensive product analysis and evaluation in terms of its marketability, its comparison to its peers and a realistic assessment of its potential. This service is specifically required for start up entities before they take their final call on implementing the business idea, and also helps them in marketing their business idea to their investors effectively.

We use a blend of field and secondary research techniques to complete our product assessments and our feedback is considered valuable by our clients in fine tuning their product(s) before they go for formal launch. Our competitor analysis goes beyond mere product comparisons and enable our clients gain good insights into their competitive actions and their strengths

Every business enterprise requires impactful and message oriented corporate presentations that showcase their strengths and enhance their brand visibility & prominence, particularly when it is directed at investors, bankers, big ticket customers, and other influential groups. Our exclusive strengths include making impactful presentations and enabling visual enhancements to corporate and product presentations, not only to build brands in general but to convey desired message in particular.

These services enable our clients approach their target audience with well crafted presentations and if need be, we will back it up with a presentation engagement on behalf of the client

Our Marketing Research Services offer comprehensive research solutions that encompass usage of various research designs, statistical and non-statistical techniques to analyze data, and draw purposeful conclusions that enable prompt end effective decision making for our clients. Our research areas include potential surveys, consumer & distributor perceptual studies, customer satisfaction surveys, employee morale and satisfaction surveys, and a host of need based research problems

These services enable our clients address their critical as well as need based issues with professional drawn research data and analysis, not only to find resolutions to them but also to build justifying business case

Our Training services include preparation of training calendar, design and implementation of training programs and evaluation of training programs. Our abilities include designing and delivering standard and custom built courses in the areas of Marketing & Business development, Sales & Customer Service Training, Finance for Non-finance executives and a host of management development programs.

These services enable our clients address their training needs, create a knowledge sharing organization and in turn improve their employee productivity.

Projects handled so far

  • Marketing & business development plan for an e learning company with a turnover of nearly $20 million
  • Marketing Training for an e learning company with a turnover of nearly $10 million
  • Business plan for, an upcoming boutique firm engages in collaborating events
  • Corporate profiling & product design (pre-placement training program) for Transition, a training organization based out of Hyderabad
  • Course design and delivery named “Enterprise Analytics” to Executive MBA program of ICFAI Business School (one of the top 10 B schools in India)
  • Developed a Corporate presentation for a start up company that developed an online survey tool
  • Developed a corporate profile and presentation for a social welfare organization working in improving living conditions of Banjara community in the state of AP

Current Assignments

  • Business Plan for an Ice cream manufacturer (National level operations are being planned)
  • A proof evidencing system and method to determine and report a discrepancy associated with a cash counting process in a bank, ensuring error free and quicker transaction processing.
  • Business Plan for a new age Job Portal that offers employment services to its clients
  • Marketing Strategy design and business development blue print for
  • Marketing plan development for a pharmaceutical company