Patentability Search

A prior art search ensures that an invention qualifies for patentability by overcoming the basic requirements of novelty, industrial application, and non-obviousness as per the statute. The patentability search is performed in order to provide an overview of the novelty and non-obviousness features of the proposed invention disclosure vis-à-vis the existing prior art. Our expertise and intense comprehension of patents, and an eye for mining the appropriate text relevant to the requirement of the proposed invention disclosure ensures furnishing of robust results.

Why Prometheus IP?

  • Patentability search reports include patent and non- patent literature
  • Global coverage of granted and published patent applications
  • Classification search of patents viz., US Classifications, PCT Classifications, ECLA Classifications
  • Experience in using various patent and non-patent databases
  • Identification of segments explaining the relevance of reference in the search report
  • Self explanatory patentability search report with a detailed analysis of prior art, with web links to view the complete specification, pictorial representation and analysis of the relevant references and complete bibliographic data of the references along with the legal status
  • Copies of patent and non-patent references listed in the search report
  • Three levels of quality check before delivering the search report
  • Exceptional quality at affordable cost