Patent Validation Search

To ensure that your patent survives any possible litigation and to withstand a potential infringement threat, it is an important requirement to invalidate a patent that hinders the validity and enforceability of your patent. We support our clients in challenging possible infringement suits by citing valid prior art claims.

A diligent validity report on any patent boosts its commercial value in trade negotiations such as licensing and selling of patent.

Why Prometheus IP?

  • Validation/Invalidation search report includes patent and non- patent literature published before the priority date of the rarget patent
  • Global coverage of granted and published patent applications published before the priority date of the target patent
  • Classification search of patents viz., US Classifications, PCT Classifications, ECLA Classifications
  • Experience in using various patent and non-patent databases
  • Mapping of prior art sections with claims of the target patent
  • Claim charting of the target patent with the relevant references listed in the search report
  • Identification of segments explaining the relevance of reference in the search report
  • Self explanatory invalidation search report with a detailed analysis of prior art, with web links to view the complete specification, pictorial representation and analysis of the relevant references and complete bibliographic data of the references along with the legal status
  • Copies of patent and non patent references listed in the search report
  • Three levels of quality check before delivering the search report
  • Exceptional quality at affordable cost