Patent Landscaping

Patent landscaping analysis provides an overview of state-of-art related to a particular technology in a graphic manner. The Bibliographic data as well the technical part of the patent documents are analyzed to provide meaningful and decipherable data for the clients. Such meaningful data is essential for business entities to take strategic decisions on commercial and/or legal front. The analysis can be global or limited to a particular country or a region.

Our analysis reports summarize technological information as well as information pertaining to patent applicants. The technological information throws light upon the evolution of the technology, State-of-the-art in the technology and white spaces in the technology. The reports further identify key players involved in the field who could be competitors or potential business allies. Our reports help clients understand changes in the technological trends. Identification of white spaces or gaps in a particular field helps the client to fill the technological gaps that hold market potential, duplication of a technology that already exists or has little market potential and to make strategic business decisions on licensing, acquisition etc.

Why Prometheus IP?

  • Comprehensive analysis of patent documents including supplementary information such as prosecution history
  • Access to multiple free and commercial sources of patent information databases that provide global coverage of patents
  • Access to various tools for mapping and visualization
  • Transformation of complex data into easily comprehensible graphic representation
  • Customized reports to meet client specifications
  • Three-level quality check
  • Experienced personnel from major technical domains
  • Exceptional quality at affordable cost