Patent Due Diligence

Patent due diligence can prevent costly mistakes during patent acquisition process. Our due diligence reports that are individualized to suit client’s needs, study the validity and enforceability of patents by looking into the technological strength of the patent as well as the prosecution history of the patent. The strength and breadth of the patent claims are analyzed to ascertain if the patent can hold competitors at bay or if the patent claims can be designed around.

We also suggest an analysis of patents related to the technology including competitor’s patents to get an overview of the concerned patent/application. Such a comprehensive due diligence would identify blocking patents that might prevent enforceability of the patent rights in a particular territory.

Our reports help the client in assessing true value of the patents and accordingly negotiate with the patentees.

Why Prometheus IP?

  • Comprehensive analysis of patent documents including supplementary information on prosecution history, legal status, assignment, litigation, patent families etc.
  • Legal experts for analyzing potential patent title disputes involving ownership, inventorship, assignments etc.
  • Experienced personnel from major technical domains
  • Exceptional quality at affordable cost