Freedom-to-Operate Search

Freedom to operate search is also termed as “Clearance Search” or “Right to Use Search”. Freedom to operate search is indispensable to ensure that invented product or proposed technology do not infringe on claims of an in-force patent in order to avoid complex litigation. A comprehensive FTO report helps in designing R&D programs and find alternate dispute resolutions by the inventor. This further directs the inventor to change the business strategy in terms of arriving at different license agreements with a competitor when it is found that the invention is infringing the patentee’s protected technology.

A thorough claim mapping with element-to-element analysis of product/technology helps the inventor circumvent the claimed technology and take a safe harbour. We offer our clients descriptive and illustrative reports with respect to their market interests in different jurisdictions across the world.

Why Prometheus IP?

  • Freedom to operate search report uncovers all the granted and published patents, which are active in the specific territory
  • Classification search of patents viz., US Classifications, PCT Classifications, ECLA Classifications
  • Experience in using various patent and non-patent databases
  • Mapping of product/process features with claims of the target patent
  • Identification of segments explaining the relevance of reference in the search report
  • Self explanatory patentability search report with a detailed analysis of prior art, with web links to view the complete specification, pictorial representation and analysis of the relevant references and complete bibliographic data of the references along with the legal status
  • Copies of patent references listed in the search report
  • Three levels of quality check before delivering the search report
  • Exceptional quality at affordable cost