Validation Contentions

Patentee action against an invalidation suit is to file a counter with validity analysis of the patent. Upon receipt of notice of the invalidation contention, one of the standard defense strategies is to prove the validity of the patent where the alleged patent is strongly evaluated to highlight the differences between the patent under contention and the prior art cited by the opponent.

Prometheus IP has a smart analytical mindset and technical team with a proven record to extract potential technical difference and develop validation analysis reports with value added technical insights.

Sample Report

Our X-Factor

  • Detailed validation research to analyze the technical strength of claims granted for a patent application
  • Supporting patent attorneys by preparing ready to use claim charts for Validation Contentions.
  • Techno legal expertise.
  • Knowledge in Patent law of different jurisdictions.

Prometheus IP Approach

  • Thorough technical understanding of subject patent claims and detailed description
  • Detailed review of opponent cited prior art.
  • Comparison of Technical problem and Technical solution between subject patent and opponent cited prior art.
  • Claim element-by-element comparison.


  • An Excel file depicting the comparison of subject patent claim elements with the opponent cited prior art claim elements.