State-of-Art Search

State-of-Art research is an activity performed during technology incubation where the researchers focus on current technology trends and investigate different technical solutions for technical problems. Insightful overview of the State-of-Art technologies reveals market strategy, emerging technologies and futuristic products. State-of-Art Search results can provide a way to design the product near to the already available art but distinct from it.

Prometheus IP research and analysis gives accurate information related to the targeted needs of the customer in a comprehensive format.

Sample Report

Our X-Factor

  • Our ready-to-use keywords and patent classification database optimizes the time spent for identifying relevant keywords and classification codes.
  • Based on the technology domain and the client’s requirements search strategy will be framed.
  • Logical search strategies increase the search accuracy and avoid irrelevant search scope.
  • Knowledge of domain-specific databases helps in extracting relevant prior art from information sources.
  • Analysis to identify different technical problems and corresponding technical solutions.

Prometheus IP Approach

  • Thorough review of technology domain to identify the key technical clusters.
  • Detailed taxonomy to cluster the different technical solutions.
  • Framing search strategies to uncover the prior-art based on keywords, assignee, inventors, and citations (forward and backward), patent classification codes (US, CPC, IPC, ECLA, and F terms).
  • Detailed analysis and reporting the search results describing the state-of-art technologies.


  • MS-Word format including an executive summary, the conclusion of the search, and in-depth analysis of the relevant results.
  • Reporting format includes a quick analysis table that would help to quickly understand the output of the search report with respect to state-of-art technologies.
  • Search results including patent and non-patent literature.
  • PDF copies of relevant search results (patent and non-patent literature) listed in the search report.