Patentability Search & Analysis

Patentability search and analysis is a typical technical activity and the output of the analysis helps stakeholders to make a decision and develop a strategy to file a patent application It also helps research and development (R&D) departments by highlighting the current state-of-the-art technologies and technical solutions for complex problems evolved in a particular industry.

Prometheus IP has been conducting patentability searches for patent attorneys, research and development departments, independent inventors for over a decade and developed a unique search model to uncover relevant prior art either patent literature or non-patent literature.

Sample Report

Our X-Factor

  • Our ready-to-use keywords and patent classification database optimizes the time spent for identifying relevant keywords and classification codes.
  • Based on technology domain and client requirement, optimum search plan will be framed to effectively save the turnaround time
  • Logical search strategies increase the search accuracy and avoid irrelevant search scope.
  • Knowledge of domain-specific databases helps in extracting relevant prior art from authentic information sources.

Prometheus IP Approach

  • Thorough review of invention disclosure to identify the key features of the proposed patent application to be filed
  • Framing search strategies to uncover the prior-art based on keywords, assignee, inventors, citations (forward and backward), patent classification codes (US, CPC, IPC, ECLA, and F terms).
  • Handling IP/Non-IP queries utilizing specialized databases.
  • Detailed analysis and reporting the search results describing the similarities and deviations.


  • MS-Word format including an executive summary, the conclusion of the search, and in-depth analysis of the relevant results sis.
  • Reporting format includes a quick analysis table that would help to quickly understand the output of the search report with respect to Patentability
  • Search results including patent and non-patent literature
  • PDF copies of relevant search results (patent and non-patent literature) listed in the search report.