Patent Validation/Invalidation or Prior Art Search for Claim(s)

Patent validation/Invalidation search is a typical type of prior art search, which is conducted either to validate or invalidate a set of claim(s) made by a patent.  The other purpose of this type of search is also to determine and estimate the strength of the claim(s) that are allowed for a grant.

Prometheus IP has been conducting validation and invalidation searches for independent inventors, USA law firms, and large corporates for over a decade and developed a unique search model to uncover relevant prior art either patent literature or non-patent literature before the first filing date of patent application i.e., the earliest priority date claimed by the claims(s).

Prometheus IP is a pioneer in validating patent claims using a claim chart wherein the claim(s) are analyzed by comparing each element of the claim with the closest prior art.

Sample Report

Our X-Factor

  • Analyzing claim(s) of the subject patent to understand how an inventive step is protected.
  • Through analysis of the file history to frame search strategies based on the inventive step and the technical aspects discussed during the examination.
  • In-depth analysis of the examiner and applicant cited references.

Prometheus IP Approach

Our search strategies include:

  • Keywords search.
  • Classification codes search
  • Combination of both keywords and codes.
  • Assignee/applicant search.
  • Inventor search.
  • Citation search (We implement spider search strategy in citation search)


  • MS-Word format including an executive summary, conclusion of the study, and relevant results in-depth analysis.
  • An Excel file depicting the claim chart with different sections of potential publications disclosing the claim(s) subject to Validation/Invalidation.
  • Quick pictorial representation (Jpeg or PDF format) depicting mapping of the descriptive representation.
  • Reporting format includes a quick analysis table and claim chart that would help to quickly understand the output of the search report with respect to Validation/Invalidation.
  • Report including patent and non-patent literature search results.
  • PDF copies of relevant search results (patent and non-patent literature) listed in the search report.