Claim Charts

Claim chart or claim mapping is a critical supportive document in preparing patent litigation contentions. Making a claim chart involves reviewing a claim and breaking it down into various limiting elements.

Prometheus IP has hands-on experience in preparing claim charts. We prepare accurate claim charts, which creates strong support to patent litigation contentions.

Our X-Factor

  • Support patent attorneys by preparing ready to use claim charts for Infringement and Invalidation contentions.
  • Techno legal expertise.
  • Knowledge in Patent law of different jurisdictions.
  • Organized process for handling both pre and post litigation support services.

Prometheus IP Approach

  • Thorough review of patent to identify the patent claim elements.
  • In case of a validity study, prior art is placed against each identified element of the claim to depict if all elements are known in a single or multiple prior art references.
  • In the case of anticipated infringement, features of an accused product or process are placed against each identified element of the claim in order to conduct the all elements test for infringement.


  • An Excel file depicting the claim chart with different sections of potential publications disclosing the claim(s) subject to litigation contentions.
  • Reporting format includes a quick analysis table and claim chart that would help to quickly understand output of the search report with respect to litigation contentions.
  • Report including patent and non- patent literature search results.
  • Relevant results original PDF documents i.e. both patent and non-patent literature.