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Prometheus Patent Services is a boutique IP firm with over a decade of expertise Illustrations in every area of the industry. The focus of Prometheus IP is to give personalized attention to each piece of art. Our understanding of technology and the importance of illustrations in patent prosecution is what leads to reciprocity approach. Prometheus IP follows the agile work model where the client is free to suggest any modifications from time to time during the project development stage.

Utility Drawings

Drawings form an indispensable part of obtaining utility patent protection. A utility patent is the legal protection conferred on an apparatus, a process, a product, or a composition of matter that is novel, non-obvious and has industrial applicability. Utility patent drawings enable defining complex patentable subject matter and enhance the technical understanding. A utility patent application having a detailed specification/technical disclosure along with high-clarity drawings to clearly define the technical features envisaged therein has greater probability of allowance.

Most Applicants/clients underestimate the importance of drawings compliant to PCT, USPTO, EPO or respective jurisdictions and submit informal drawings that actually hamper their chances of allowability. There are strict requirements regarding the type of views, labeling, and scale of drawings with respect to different technical domains.

At Prometheus IP, our highly skilled draftsmen have in-depth techno-legal domain expertise to craft utility patent drawings in great clarity to enhance these technical features. Our USP lies in delivering error-free drawings within a quick turn-around time in a cost-effective manner.