Prometheus IP : Your one stop destination for all patent drawing needs!!

Prometheus Patent Services is a boutique IP firm with over a decade of expertise Illustrations in every area of the industry. The focus of Prometheus IP is to give personalized attention to each piece of art. Our understanding of technology and the importance of illustrations in patent prosecution is what leads to reciprocity approach. Prometheus IP follows the agile work model where the client is free to suggest any modifications from time to time during the project development stage.

Trademark Drawings

A trademark can be a word, a symbol, a logo, a distinguishing shape, or a slogan that is unique to your goods and/or services. A trademark application is accompanied by a drawing page unless the mark relates to a visual mark/sound mark etc. With more than several trademark illustrations conceptualized and finalized, Prometheus IP is proficient in delivering jurisdiction compliant
trademark illustrations also referred to as mark drawings that represent the clear depiction of the trademark that needs to be registered. The type of drawing (standard or special form of drawing) used decides the scope of protection with respect to a trademark.

Be it standard drawing or special form of drawing our talented team of illustrators incorporate each and every variation thus making certain that your trademark’s unique design elements are clearly established to give a competitive edge in the market.