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Prometheus Patent Services is a boutique IP firm with over a decade of expertise Illustrations in every area of the industry. The focus of Prometheus IP is to give personalized attention to each piece of art. Our understanding of technology and the importance of illustrations in patent prosecution is what leads to reciprocity approach. Prometheus IP follows the agile work model where the client is free to suggest any modifications from time to time during the project development stage.

Design Drawings

Design patents endeavor to protect the ornamental and/or visual design of a product or an article of manufacture. As the subject matter of protection is envisaged by its appearance it is impossible to distinguish the design for surface ornamentation from the article of manufacture it is applied on. A two way protection of a product by means of design and utility patent is a formidable way of blocking substantially similar and copycat products from flourishing in the global market arena. Most companies strengthen their IP portfolio by having their intellectual property protected by different types of IP protection.

In this context, Prometheus IP not only provides the best possible strategic advice right from advising a potential client regarding the pros and cons in a design patent protection but also streamlines the entire process of acquiring a design patent by providing high-clarity drawings in compliance to the respective jurisdiction where the client seeks protection in.