Prometheus IP : Your one stop destination for all patent drawing needs!!

Prometheus Patent Services is a boutique IP firm with over a decade of expertise Illustrations in every area of the industry. The focus of Prometheus IP is to give personalized attention to each piece of art. Our understanding of technology and the importance of illustrations in patent prosecution is what leads to reciprocity approach. Prometheus IP follows the agile work model where the client is free to suggest any modifications from time to time during the project development stage.

TUNE ™ Methodology

Turnaround time; Unlimited edits; Non-stop 24/7 support; Expertise.

At Prometheus IP, We follow TUNE™ Methodology that we developed and adopted for almost 7 years.

Turnaround time: Prometheus IP doesn’t make Patent Filing a time-consuming process. Keeping in mind the legal concept of “First to File”, Prometheus IP always strove to provide the drawings required for Patent Filing within given prescribed time period.

Unlimited Edits : As an invention goes through a number of modifications during Patent Application pre-filing process, we recognize the importance of the modifications that are required for a good patent application, hence we provide unlimited edits for free of cost.

Non-stop 24/7 Support : Our major aim is to provide best service irrespective of time. A call/email at any time, Prometheus IP is always present for its clients. Understanding the importance of patent filing on time, responding to our clients is of prior significance in order to serve them at the best.

Expertise : As the saying “A picture speaks Thousand Words”, similarly, Our work speaks about the expertise of our draftsmen. Expertise and Perfection comes with a dash of Passion. Our expert draftsmen draft precise, error-free drawings with their passion towards this field.

Prometheus IP has a customized workflow to execute projects related to patent illustration. Our initiation process includes consultation with our clients to understand their requirements and specifications related to patent drawings. We then focus on the delivering high quality patent drawings that illustrates accurate design of the invention.

With profoundly talented illustrators who are accessible to the clients round the clock, we have the right aptitude and attitude to provide outstanding assistance regardless of the multifaceted nature or size of your undertaking. Every colleague is persistently prepared to utilize cutting edge innovation including state-of-the-art workstations and programming, to ensure high quality patent drawings within top level security framework.


We work as per the norms and guidelines laid out by USPTO and PCT on:

  • Design patents: Understanding the aesthetics and ornamental value of the product
  • Utility patents: Presenting the state of art technology in a visually acceptable format for
    Mechanical Drawings, and Medical device drawings and Electronic drawings
  • Trademark drawing

We convert domestic drawings into international drawings by covering patent drawing standards for every country.

  • The drawings are generated from:
    • Rough sketches
    • Photographs
    • Product samples
Quality and Security:

We respect the confidentiality involved in disclosing an invention. At Prometheus IP, we do a thorough quality check during the overall development process of patent drawings. The final version of the drawings is delivered electronically through secured
networking in the format prescribed by the client.

Please contact Prometheus IP today for all of your utility and design patent illustration needs or to get a quick competitive pricing estimate about our proficient illustration services.

Why Choose Prometheus IP:

  • Our team of niche experts understand your requirements perfectly, are well versed with common jurisdiction specific requirements and/or often received Examiner rejections to churn out picture-perfect drawings
  • Fast turn-around time without compromising on the work quality
  • Cost-effective price structure to cater every client’s needs and requirements
  • Unlimited iterations are undertaken on client’s suggestions
  • Client confidentiality and flexibility of project deliverables