Illustration Related FAQs

  • How can we assign projects to you?

    You can just email your informal figures to

  • Is my information secure with you?

    We give high priority to the data confidentiality. We block internet access, USB storage devices to our employee work stations.

  • Do you sign any agreement before engaging your services?

    Yes, we will sign a Non-Disclosure agreement.

  • What type of informal figures I can share with you?

    You can send Photos of the invention, Rough Sketches, CAD files, Hand draw images or even you can just describe the invention how if looks, we can assume and prepare the drawings.

  • What type of input files you accept as informal figures?

    We accept almost all formats of files such as PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, Visio, DWG, STEP, Solid works files, CDR, Adobe Illustrator files, X_T, CATpart etc

  • What is the format of Formal drawings?

    By default we share PDF format formal drawings. If you need any specific format we will export them to that specific format and share them.

  • What program do you use to prepare the formal drawings?

    We use Corel Draw to prepare formal drawings.

  • What is your general turnaround time?

    Our general turnaround time is 2-3 working days.

  • Do you accept Rush projects?

    Yes, we accept rush projects and will be delivered within 24 hours of time from the time of assignment.

  • Do you handle Office Action files?

    Yes, we have a good experience in handling the Office Action responses.

  • What is the turnaround time for the revisions?

    Our team work round the clock to provide the revisions within the stipulated time requested by the Client.

  • What type of Payment methods do you have?

    We accept payments via Wire Transfer & PayPal.

  • Is it compulsory to file formal drawings along with the Patent application?

    Yes, the drawings must be formal to file with the patent office.

  • Can we file photos instead of line drawings for a Patent application?

    Yes, Some Patent Offices accept photos. But line drawings are accepted by all Patent Offices. So it is recommended to file line drawings with the Patent Office instead of Photos.

  • Can we file color drawings for a Patent application?

    Yes, we can file color drawings for design applications. But for a utility application we must file black and white line drawings.

  • Can we file different embodiments for a single design application? Or we need to file separate application for each embodiment?

    Yes, we can file multiple embodiments in a single design application.

  • Can I claim a particular portion/part of my invention?

    Yes, you can claim particular portion of the invention.

  • How can we differentiate the claimed portion for the disclaimed portion of the invention?

    We use different line types to show this variation. We will show the claimed portion of the invention using solid lines and disclaimed portion using uniform broken lines.

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