Remote Docketing Services

For acquiring and for maintaining IP rights, it is imperative that the requirements on deadlines are met diligently. Assigning docketing services to experienced professionals is cost-effective for business entities who have large IP portfolios but limited resource personnel.

Prometheus IP effectively manages huge IP portfolios of their clients through remote docketing services. We support our clients in docketing during pre-grant and post-grant phases of IP assets such as patents, designs, trademark and copyrights. Our docketing experts access the client’s docketing system in a remote manner, keep track of the impending deadlines for the IP assets, and alert the clients accordingly. We update IP records as and when communications are received from the patent office(s) and also efficiently maintain them in the docketing system facilitating easy retrieval.

Why Prometheus?

  • Experienced professionals
  • Automated and monitored alerts
  • Exceptional quality at affordable cost