Patent Specification Drafting

Patent specification is a techno-legal document that describes the invention for which legal protection is sought. Though the inventors themselves can describe the invention technically, they often cannot fulfil the legal requirements of the specification. The illustrations that support the invention and the patent claims that define the scope of the invention specifically require inputs from skilled personnel.

Prometheus IP offers patent drafting services that transform innovative ideas to enforceable Patents by diligent drafting of the patent specification. We have an expert team that is well versed in drafting patent specifications for inventions encompassing major fields of technology including electronics, Information technology, business methods, mechanical, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices to name a few. Our team ensures that the claims and the detailed description of a patent specification sufficiently disclose the best mode of functioning of the invention. Apart from patent drafting services, we undertake patent prosecution work for both national and International clientele.

Why Prometheus?

  • Specialization in drafting different categories of claims by understanding the closest prior art to substantially differentiate the invention
  • Expert team encompassing major technical domains for drafting international standard specifications and drawings
  • Three-level quality checks including proof reading
  • Exceptional quality drafts at affordable cost