Patent Proofreading

Prometheus IP offers proofreading services for patent applications and issued patents as well. We take due care in proofreading the claims, wherein we check for claim dependency, antecedent basis of claimed elements etc. We also take care in checking other formality requirements of the patent office and ensure that all the reference numbers of the diagrams are correctly incorporated in the specification.

Proof reading patent applications thoroughly before submitting to the patent office avoids unnecessary receipt of official letters from the patent office such as receipt of notices to file corrected application, notices to file missing parts etc. thus saving cost and time. It also minimizes the risk of objections/rejections being raised by the examiner because of the errors.

Issued patents being legal documents, should be devoid of any errors especially in claims section. The errors are made either by the prosecuting office itself or by the patentee. At Prometheus IP, we proofread issued patents meticulously to ensure that there are no mistakes in the documents. We ensure that the issued patent correctly incorporates all the amendments that were done in the specification, claims and drawings. If any mistakes are found we assist clients in preparing a certificate of correction.

Why Prometheus IP?

  • Expert team encompassing major technical domains
  • Three-level quality checks
  • Exceptional quality at affordable cost