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India Conventional/PCT National Phase Entry Filing Countries by Prometheus IP

Patent application filing services:

Prometheus has filed more than 600 patent applications with the Indian patent office and more than 100 international applications under the PCT route since its humble inception in 2007.

Prometheus Patent Services Pvt. Ltd. provides seamless solutions for filing of international and foreign intellectual property applications. Our solutions are a coalescence of our technical expertise and legal prowess which enables us to deliver solutions that are customized to suit our clients’ requirements. International filings not only require great caution but also enormous earnestness in order to align the time of filings with the clients’ commercial interests. Our team of experienced attorneys and patent consultants have the knack of delivering filing solutions that are formulated keeping our clients’ best interests in mind.

We have aligned ourselves with the legal requirements of several jurisdictions to provide a hassle-free, state of the art filing experience for both national and international patent applications. Our team has a niche for protecting inventions in several countries through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) route and the Convention route. Additionally, we have associated ourselves with leading intellectual property rights attorneys from around the world to deliver filing solutions that are unhindered by the geographic boundaries.


One question that may come to one’s mind is why should one take the PCT route, when filing can be done individually in each country? Well, firstly, each country has its own jurisdiction and filing separately in each country can be a daunting task in the absence of a framework and professional expertise. Secondly, keeping track of all the multi-lingual information trail that would be generated in this process can also be tedious.

Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) facilitates an umbrella filing for a patent application in its member states. A resident of any of the member states is eligible to file a PCT application with their own country designated as receiving office or directly with WIPO.  At this stage, an applicant may designate countries in which he seeks to protect his invention. This initiates an applicant’s PCT journey and the application is considered to have entered its international phase. Post-entry into the international phase, the patent application becomes eligible for subjection to a patent search. However examination is optional and is conducted on request. On completion of search and examination, the application enters its national phase in the 30th or 31st month from date of filing of PCT application. The period of entering the national phase varies from state to state. During the national phase, a PCT application is proceeded in accordance with the rules of the concerned designated state.

Though formulated for convenience, PCT route can be challenging in terms of understanding the jurisdiction of each state. Moreover, adapting the international application to fulfill the requirements of each designated state on the onset of national phase is also crucial. Prometheus neutralizes these challenges by providing guidance and advices that are customized to suit the judicial requirements of the designated states.

Our team of experts helps our clients in international phase filings, national phase filings, interpretation of the international search and examination reports, office actions, fulfilling procedural requirements of designated states etc. Our state of the art expertise provides a hassle-free PCT experience during both national and international phase.


Intellectual property is geographically limited, thereby making widespread protection essential. Applications can be filed under Paris Convention for protecting patents, trademarks, industrial designs, utility models, service marks, trade, geographical indications and the repression of unfair competition. After filing a priority application in the inventor’s or applicant’s country, one has up to 12 months to file directly into one or more foreign countries where one seeks to protect his IP. The procedural requirements differ from state to state and the timeline of 12 months cannot be extended.

The convention route can be taken for filing in countries that are not members of the Patent Cooperation Treaty. It is also economically more viable to take the convention route when protection is sought only in few countries.

Prometheus has streamlined the procedural requirements for both PCT and Convention filing for a hassle free filing experience. Our team has expertise to provide guidance and support at each step of the international filing routes. No matter which route you choose, we have the experience and niche to guide your application effectively throughout.

We provide:

  • Hassle-free, state of the art international filing experience./li>
  • Procedural solutions that are customized to overcome the challenges posed by filing in multiple countries.
  • Solutions that are amalgamation of technical expertness and legal know how at affordable costs.
  • Transparent process where we keep our clients updated about the progress of their project.


Our patent agents assist our clients in filing ordinary applications, divisional applications or patent of additions with the Indian patent office. If the application discloses biological material or sequence listings, we ensure that the necessary formalities are met for the application to be processed successfully.