IP Recordal and Data Verification

Transfer in the ownership of IP assets that occur during business transactions such as acquisition, merger etc. need to be recorded in national and foreign patent offices from which patent(s) are obtained. In the same way a change in address, change in address for service etc. also needs to be recorded in different patent offices. This is a highly complex task especially if it involves a substantial IP portfolio. If not done meticulously and within the stipulated time period, it can have serious repercussions for the IP right holder vis-a-vis enforceability of the IP rights.

Prometheus IP has a team of experienced professionals who effectively manage such IP recordals including data verification, where required. Our paralegals verify the chain of title where the IP assets have passed through the hands of multiple entities. The necessary documents such as evidentiary documents, powers of attorney etc. are prepared and communicated with local agents for translation and other requirements. This is followed by filing at the respective patent offices. We track the status of IP recordals till they are accepted and updated by the patent offices.

Why Prometheus?

  • In-house legal experts
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