Evidence of use Analysis

Evidence of use (EoU) analysis is valuable in proving that a product or a service infringes different claims of valid patent(s). The analysis report can also be utilized for asserting one’s patent rights. EoU reports provide extra leverage to negotiations for licensing or other business transactions.

Further, EoU analysis can be used to refine existing patent portfolios by identifying strong patents that are translated into products of real commercial value and weak patents.

At Prometheus IP, we use product literature, information from the company website, photographs of the product, press releases or evidences of any other public disclosure of the product to compare the potential infringer’s product with the patented product. The EoU report comprises of a claim chart that compares the claim elements with technical specifications of the product. Our report also includes graphical representations and a comprehensive analysis that helps in clear identification of the overlaps as well as the differences between the products.

Why Prometheus IP?

  • Easily comprehensible graphic representation
  • Customized reports to meet client specifications
  • Three-level quality checks
  • Experienced personnel from major technical domains
  • Exceptional quality at affordable cost