Copyright protects the rights of the creator and assigns special privileges regarding its exclusive use and distribution. The protection is towards any form of literary, artistic, musical, cinematographic, photographic, and other works; from being infringed by others. Copyright vests on the idea –expression dichotomy where the protection is given to expression and not to ideas and procedures. Copyright works range from books, paintings, music, sculpture, music compositions, choreography, films, to computer programs, databases, advertisements, maps, and technical drawings.


Prometheus IP copyright team is adept at helping the clients acquire the protection in a hassle-free process. The team comprises of experts having an extreme experience related to copyright in the various fields. Our advocates have substantial experience in filing copyright anywhere across the world.

Services offered:

  • Copyright filing and prosecution
  • Policing and managing a client’s copyright portfolio
  • Developing and negotiating copyright licensing and ownership agreements
  • Drafting and negotiating software agreements or outsourcing arrangements
  • Enforce and defend copyright infringements and royalty disputes
  • Develop internet policies, terms and conditions, and website review
  • Counselling on the effective and appropriate use and protection of copyrighted materials